Definitions for "serp"
Keywords:  esult, ngine, earch, query, engine
Abbreviation for earch ngine esults age/ ositioning. This refers to the organic (excluding paid listings) search results for a given query. Return to Top of SEO Glossary
Stands for Search Engine Result Pages/Positions.
Search Engine Result Position
a non-qualified retirement plan, a promise by a company to pay a future retirement benefit to its executives, separate from any qualified retirement plans that the company may sponsor
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan. a nonqualified plan that allows employers to offer higher benefits to highly paid employees.
supplemental executive retirement plan. A nonqualified deferred compensation retirement plan designed to provide benefits for a group of executives, without regard to benefits provided under a qualified retirement plan.
an organization of 24 U.S. utilities that developed a $30 million competition to produce a refrigerator at least 25% lower in energy use and 85% lower in ozone depletion than projected 1994 models. The winning product, produced by Whirlpool, cut energy use by 40% in 1995.
Java bytecode manipulation and developer utilities. Make sure to visit the homepage for docs, downloads.
a contractual agreement with great flexibility