Definitions for "depletion"
The using up of a natural resource.
The reduction in value of mineral deposits as it is produced. Oil is a wasting asset, in that proceeds from the well represent both income and return of capital.
The allocation of cost to the profit and loss account, spread out over several years according the the measured usage of the asset in each year.... more on: Depletion
Net rate of water use from a stream or ground water aquifer for beneficial and nonbeneficial uses. For irrigation or municipal uses, the depletion is the headgate or wellhead diversion minus return flow to the same stream or ground water aquifer.
The loss of water from surface water reservoirs or groundwater aquifers at a rate greater than that of recharge.
The progressive withdrawal of water from surface- or ground-water reservoirs at a rate greater than that of replenishment.
A laboratory procedure for reducing the numbers of a specific cell type within bone marrow donated for transplantation. One example is T lymphocyte depletion or removal. It is done to minimize immune reactivity of donor cells. This step may be used to decrease the likelihood or severity of graft versus host disease in circumstances in which donor-recipient matching is imperfect (particularly in relation to unrelated donor transplants).
Removal of free carriers in a semiconductor
a laboratory procedure for reducing the numbers of specific cell types within bone marrow donated for transplantation, for example the removal of some types of lymphocytes. This may be to avoid "mismatch" problems (particularly in relation to unrelated donor transplants) or to remove a sub-set of potentially leukaemic cells in an autograft.
the act or process of diminishing the quantity of fluid in the vessels by bloodletting or otherwise; also excessive evacuation, as in severe diarrhea.
The normal loss of corrosion inhibitors through routine use in an engine's cooling system. Inhibitor depletion in traditional coolant technology requires the use of supplemental coolant additives to maintain a minimum concentration for corrosion protection.
The act of depleting or emptying.
the act of decreasing something markedly
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reducing the biomass of a fish stock through fishing.
an income tax allowance reflecting the purchase price paid for merchantable timber, usually on fee simple land. Also, a term used to refer to the process of harvesting your growing stock. Return to
Water supplies that are being used up; gradually in most cases; without being replaced.
the state of being depleted