Definitions for "Stem Cell Transplant"
The process of giving healthy hemopoietic stem cells to someone who has undergone high-dose chemotherapy for one of may forms of leukemia, lymphoma, anemias, and other disorders. There are three types of stem cell transplants: autologous (receiving your own stem cells), allogeneic (receiving someone else's stem cells) and syngeneic (receiving cells from an identical twin). Healthy stem cells can be collected from bone marrow, peripheral blood, and umbilical cord blood. Once the healthy stem cells are infused into the patient's blood stream, the cells travel from the blood vessels to the center of the bones, where they begin making new blood cells.
Therapeutic procedure in which bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells are collected, stored, and infused into a patient following high-dose chemotherapy to restore blood cell production.
Another name for a bone marrow transplant.