Definitions for "Myeloma"
A cancer arising from the plasma cells in the bone marrow. The plasma cells in patients with myeloma form abnormal antibodies, possibly damaging the bone, bone marrow, and other bodily organs. Also known as multiple myeloma.
A tumor derived from myeloid cells. Used in monoclonal antibody production when the myeloma cell can produce immunoglobulin.
A neoplasm of B lymphocytes that manifests itself as the derivative cells referred to as plasma cells. The disease usually starts in the marrow, which is replaced by malignant plasma cells. The malignant plasma cells make a monoclonal immunoglobulin, the detection of which may be very helpful in diagnosis. The cells secrete chemicals that stimulate the overactivity of bone-dissolving cells, called osteoclasts, leading to osteoporosis and brittle bones that fracture easily.
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see multiple myeloma.