Definitions for "revenue"
A measure of the total amount of money a firm receives within a given amount...
The annual yield of taxes, excise, customs, duties, rents, etc., which a nation, state, or municipality collects and receives into the treasury for public use.
The state gets its money from several sources including state income taxes, sales taxes, state fees and federal money. Increasingly the state's share of gambling revenues, stemming from both the state lottery and riverboat casinos in Iowa, has been a key source of revenue.
Old English feorm, provisions due to the King or lord; a fixed sum paid in place of these and of other miscellaneous dues firma
Includes the scheduled base rent and fees for care and services, but does not include miscellaneous charges for beauty/barber shop sales, extra meals, etc. Nursing care revenue data is only for private pay beds.
firma The provision which a manor owed the king, for example one night's keep for his court. In Domesday this is often translated into a money equivalent as cash replaced the barter economy.
The addition to cash or other current assets of governmental funds (receipts) which do not increase any liability or reserve and do not represent the recovery of an expenditure, i.e., reimbursements. Generally, revenue is derived from taxes, licenses and fees or investment earnings.
a cash inflow which does not increase the liability of the government.
All money that is collected by a student group. All revenues should be accounted for through ticket sales or receipt books, as part of cash collection.
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Funds collected by government so that it may carry out its functions.
Stamps Stamps not valid for postal use but issued for collecting taxes.
Revenue is the money you collect for providing a product or service.
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All operating funds associated with the provision of transit service. Includes fares, charter, school bus revenue; auxiliary and non-transportation revenues.
Revenue is money generated by a company's operations, before deductions for expenses.
Money paid in fares.
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That which returns, or comes back, from an investment; the annual rents, profits, interest, or issues of any species of property, real or personal; income.
Hence, return; reward; as, a revenue of praise.
Gross average order value, plus shipping and handling plus any deferred payments, minus returns, equals net revenue per order.
In versions of Google Analytics that support e-commerce reporting, the term Revenue is used in place of whichever local currency is being used, since Google Analytics supports currencies other than the US dollar. Revenue tabs appear on several reports as a data display option when appropriate.
Bonds The interest and principal payments for a municipal bond are typically either guaranteed by the issuer or by the revenue from a specific project. If they are guaranteed by a specific project, the bondholder is relying on revenue from the project to pay principal and interest, and the bonds are known as revenue bonds. If the issuer guarantees the repayment of principal and interest, the bonds are known as a general obligation (often referred to as G.O.) of the issuer.
a type of increase in capital
in XE "revenue" strict accounting terminology, refers to the increase in value owned, before expenses are subtracted.
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a result of focused client retention activities
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A rate component that reflects customer charge, when applicable, and the basic rate. The yield from our investment.
Products and services sold to customers by a company.
HM Revenue & Customs.
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The same as Premium.
Risk adjusted discount rate Risk adjusted profitability
The amount you or your employer pays in exchange for insurance coverage.