Definitions for "Activities"
Actions that will be undertaken by the program staff in order to achieve program objectives.
individual tasks done within a programme
a future goal for both WECC (more IDA slots) and SCACDC (more IDA projects)
the specific nursing actions needed to carry out the interventions (or nursing orders)
The actual events or actions that take place as a part of the program.
The time or resources needed to progress from one event to another in a PERT network.
a direct off-shoot of a series of kidnappings of Indian and foreign nationals and killing of some of them by the ULFA militants in Assam
Things you do-activities you plan to conduct in your program.
The day-to-day work carried out by an organization in fulfillment of its mandate.
Services or functions carried out by a program (i.e., what the program does). FOR EXAMPLE, treatment programs may screen clients at intake, complete placement assessments, provide counseling to clients, etc.
a Literacy Software CD that is available to purchase
Activities available at Jubilee House. View page
a sign that they question the continuing relevance of PRSA
a judgment about whether a product's benefits to users will outweigh its risks
A complete framework for managing and publishing activities and dealing with students registrations to lectures and practices.
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a subject of the Committee's inquiry
an attempt to quickly end the debate, so no one discovers the existence of the domestic intelligence agency
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an essential element of being a part of the industry
a part of the NIH
a primary need
An operation or work process internal to an organisation, intended to produce specific outputs (e.g. products or services). Activities are the primary link in the chain through which outcomes are achieved.
the collective ventures which provide context and meaning for users' interactions with computers
Methods or strategies used to meet the stated objectives in a grant application
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a long and difficult process
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a service to members generally