Definitions for "Logic Model"
A diagram and text that describes and illustrates the logical (causal) relationships among program elements and the problem to be solved, thus defining measurements of success.
A roadmap or a diagram showing chain results connecting activities to the expected initial outputs, and intermediate and final outcomes. It provides a basis for developing the performance measurement and evaluation strategies. (
A simplified chain of relationships that portrays the logic and assumptions underlying a program or intervention and how it intends to achieve its expected results. It states the logic of the program, identifies the assumptions on which it is based, and outlines the logical connections between (a) the activities undertaken, (b) the outputs to be produced, (c) the immediate or short-term outcomes that are expected, and 9d) the ultimate or long-term impacts the program is designed to achieve.
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a linear creation
a story or picture of how an effort or initiative is supposed to work