Definitions for "OUTCOME"
A particular type of disappointment. By the kind of intelligence that sees in an exception a proof of the rule the wisdom of an act is judged by the outcome, the result. This is immortal nonsense; the wisdom of an act is to be juded by the light that the doer had when he performed it.
That which comes out of, or follows from, something else; issue; result; consequence; upshot.
A clinical outcome is the result of medical or surgical intervention or nonintervention.
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Changes or benefits resulting from activities and outputs. Short-term outcomes produce changes in learning, knowledge, attitude, skills or understanding. Intermediate outcomes generate changes in behavior, practice or decisions. Long-term outcomes produce changes in condition.
A state of well-being for families, widely agreed upon as desirable and worth investing in Families are economically successful
The results of program operations or activities. FOR EXAMPLE, anticipated outcomes of DARE programs may include increased knowledge about drugs and alcohol, changed attitudes about drugs and alcohol, and reduced involvement with drugs and alcohol.
see learning outcome.
A successful culmination of a cluster of integrated learning experiences. It involves correct application and synthesis beyond direct Lesson Plans.
see Learning Outcomes.
The ultimate, long-term, resulting effect--both expected and unexpected--of the customer's use or application of the organization's outputs. [GAO
In health services this refers to any change in a person's wellbeing following a period of treatment.The expected outcome will usually be an improvement in symptoms or the resolution of a problem.
The intended impact or results your project will produce.
The result of an event. Heads and tails are two possible outcomes of the event of tossing a coin.
an event which cannot be subdivided
also called sample point. An element of the sample space, essentially a synonym for elementary event.
a positive resolution to a customer challenge
a specific, vital, and hopefully positive organizational or environmental change that moves the company forward to its future form and domain
the resolution of a story in terms of the protagonist's objective.
A specific endpoint measured in a clinical trial. Examples include weight loss, cholesterol levels, severe toxicity, worsening of disease, and death.
When referring to CVD, this is a term given to mean significant events – such as heart attacks, strokes or sudden death – measured within long-term, major clinical studies.
The eventual effect of a scrutiny. It is good practice to define and agree the desired outcomes from a scrutiny at the outset, or as soon as possible, and to use that vision to shape and focus the scrutiny work.
The change in a patient’s status between two or more time points.
A change that the family wants to see for their infant/toddler or themselves related to their child's development.
An outcome is a state, or condition, that must exist for your initiative to work and does not currently exist. An outcome may represent a change in a group of people, organizations, or places. Outcomes are the building blocks of your Theory of Change. Except for the long-term outcome, all outcomes on your change framework are also preconditions which are necessary for other outcomes.
Desirable, measurable future level of health status. Examples: Maximum acceptable levels of disease (By the year 2000 cancer deaths reduced to 130 per 100,000 people), injury (By the year 2000 reduce work-related injuries to not more than 6 per 100 workers), or the presence of risk factors (reduce cigarette smoking to no more than 15% of adults).
a matching of workers to firms, such that each worker is matched to at most one firm, and each firm is matched to at most its quota of workers
Actual outcome or predicted outcome. This is the outcome of a test. See also branch outcome, condition outcome and decision outcome.
The actual or predicted outcome of a test
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a step towards strategic closure
one of the possible results in a probability situation or activity.
the results of a design and make activity
This is the effect that our activities have on the community or other target group. It's important that activities make a difference and that we don't just do them for the sake of it.
Results of program services on the constituent group served.
Statement of agreed upon results. The results of an educational program.
Changes in the behaviour, relationships, activities, and/or actions of a boundary partner that can be logically linked to a program (although they are not necessarily directly caused by it).
a Directory of International Psychological Associations and the forum will be held at each future international congress
Anything that might stem from performance, such as a reward. [10
The way something, often a treatment or a program or a study, turns out; the effect it has on people; or the record or measure of the effects.
something that results; "he listened for the results on the radio"
The term used to describe the totality of what the project is set up to deliver, consisting of all the specialist products.
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Expenses; as opposed to income
an object, condition, or situation resulting from human action
Product of instructional processes.
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Any one of the possible results of an experiment.