Definitions for "Technology assessment"
An evaluation of electronic resources in an organization. The purpose of which is to help improve an organization's understanding and use of technology to achieve their mission.
The term used to describe the evaluation process of new or existing diagnostic and therapeutic devices and procedures. Technology assessment evaluates the effect of a medical procedure, diagnostic tool, medical device, or pharmaceutical product. In the past, technology assessment meant primarily evaluating new equipment, focusing on the clinical safety and efficacy of an intervention, in today's health care world, it includes a broader view of clinical outcomes, such as the effect on a patient's quality of life, and the effect on society.
A technique for evaluating the consequences of applying technology to the problems of society.
a comprehensive document that SeekZen drafts for our clients
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a detailed, in-depth examination of the potential success for transfer of a NASA innovation into a non-NASA application, known as spin-out
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see page 3.