Definitions for "Technology"
Industrial science; the science of systematic knowledge of the industrial arts, especially of the more important manufactures, as spinning, weaving, metallurgy, etc.
science as it is put to use in the work of everyday life
The science or study of the practical or industrial arts, applied sciences, etc.
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any of the many calculator or computer related tools which can be used for development of mathematical concepts and for problem solving, including but not limited to calculators; graphing calculators; calculator-based laboratories; computers; computer software, such as interactive geometric software, spreadsheets, database software, simulation software, and presentation software; videos, CD's, laser disks
is, simply, tool-use. Tech Levels or Tech Ratings measure how developed a particular culture is in using tools. Tools can include not only simple physical tools but also machines and even ways of thinking, but is limited to those tools which demonstrably operate within the natural laws of a realm. See Also: Development Ratings
The knowledge, techniques, and tools that make it possible for people to transform resources into usable forms, and the knowledge and skills required to use them after they are developed.
Is "created capability" and can include: skills, knowledge (people, processes) hardware, software (products) devices, equipment (services) (Note that it is not limited to "Hi-tech" or Bio-tech")
"Capitalized costs associated with software developed for sale, lease, or internal use and amortized over the estimated economic life of the software."
a fact, and all software will evolve to use these constructs
The sum total of processes by which humans modify the materials of nature to better satisfy their needs and wants.
the application of knowledge to satisfy needs and wants and extend human capabilities.
The manufacturing behaviour of humans.
A manner of accomplishing a task using technical processes and equipment, methods, and knowledge.
a demonstrator
a leading provider of RoHS Directive technical consultancy services, and an ideal partner as an independent technical information provider'
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Technology encompasses Internet related hardware and software that can be leveraged to enhance processes in a business or organization. It includes enablers such as Intranets, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), and Telephony systems such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
a set of open, generalized peer-to-peer protocols that allow any connected device on the network from cell phone to PDA from PC to server to communicate and collaborate in a peer to peer manner
a set of open, generalized peer-to-peer protocols that allows any connected device (cell phone to PDA, PC to server) on the network to communicate and collaborate
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a cost effective way to upgrade network infrastructure leading to increased network capacity that supports offering advanced mobile multimedia services
an optional upgrade available for W-CDMA/UMTS networks and terminals
Refers to the operating system that enables communication between a wireless phone and its carrier (e.g., AMPS, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, and ESMR).
a form of genetic engineering
an international supplier of pipe engineering / vessel engineering software, pipe supports (including spring hangers), and piping design / equipment design consulting services to the process industries
a wireless-focused consultancy specialising in software development, training, marketing and visionary engineering
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nowledge which is used to make products or objects which make life easier.
The complete set of knowledge about how to produce in an economy at a point in time, including techniques of production that are available but not economically viable. The set of production functions available to an economy. Referring to industries that are experiencing, or recently have experienced, technological progress.
electronic related devices and products of the production of these products such as the computer
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a key enabler to facilitate communications interoperability among military, police and rescue-relief teams', says Claude Belisle, acting Vice-President of Satellite Communications and Radio Propagation Research at CRC
a world standard approved by ETSI and adopted by the European Union for digital mobile trunking networks serving the needs of organizations in the public security and safety sector (police, emergency, civil defense, security services, etc
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an artefact designed to address a specific problem or need in the world
a potential solution to the growing threat of multidrug-resistant bacterial infections
a repeatable solution to a problem
An invention that can be used to do things faster and easier
a beautiful thing
a novel system jointly invented and developed by Ambion and Cenetron Diagnostics (Cedar Creek, TX) for packaging RNA in bacteriophage coat proteins to protect and stabilize RNA
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Rfid Factfile VoipInfo
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a one-stop shopping service for AM antenna system requirements
KTF to launch mobile payment trial in Oct. Soon, when you go shopping, forget your purse and credit cards at home; the only thing you will have ... | 3 minutes ago
an effective method of increasing the enzymatic activity of enzyme produced by bacteria as described in Japanese Patent Application KOKAI No
an efficient and relatively inexpensive method of collecting wind resource assessment data and ensuring that the sensors on the meteorological tower are still functioning properly, preventing significant data loss
an inherently risky method for producing new foods
a leading brand protection and anti- counterfeiting solution since it is based on authentication of the encoded DNA in a product through forensic analysis
a set of methods for introducing foreign DNA into a host organism
DNA From Ivory May Lead To Poachers Poachers are the latest to be targeted using DNA analysis. | 1 hours and 1 minutes ago
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a leading manufacturer of DRAM Modules (Unbuffered DIMM, SO DIMM, Micro DIMM, ECC/Reg
a manufacturer expertise in supply UV curing resin for laminated safety glass and bullet resistant glass
a special manufacturing company that produces the abatement treatment systems of toxic gases after processing
a HUBZONE CERTIFIED full service paper converting company offering a wide selection of roll paper, chipboard, gypsum, and kraft
glossary A term used by Microsoft Word and adopted by other word processors for the list of shorthand, keyboard macros created by a particular user. See glossaries in this publication and The Computer Glossary. Find the latest news, features and reviews relating to "glossary" from CMP's TechSearch.
Includes (but is not limited to) computers, telecommunications, cable television, interactive video, film, low-power television, satellite communications, and microwave communications. A Master Plan for Education Technology for the equitable and efficient use of instructional and administrative technology in Kentucky schools has been adopted.
a dramatic increase in memory efficiency, overall improved system performance, and unmatched image quality
a suite of promoters that will allow efficient, tissue-specific expression of a particular gene of interest
a major challenge in bringing new biopharmaceuticals to the market
a pioneer and leading News
a reseller who offers new and re-certified Hewlett-Packard,IBM and SUN Microsystems computer systems
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a Chelton Group Company, part of Cobham Plc
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Institute of Technology, Twin Cities.
a privately held company headquartered in California with offices in North America and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, veteran status, or any other occupationally irrelevant criteria
A piece of equipment or a technique for performing a particular activity.
a collection of techniques, including DNA cloning, that allows molecular biologists to analyze and manipulate the genetic material
a multiple access technique, using sequenced code to divide traffic channels within the same radio channels
a low noise, low drift HPLC detector
a powerful method for removing unwanted signal features (like noise) and emphasizing signal features of interest
a distribution partner with Advanced Performance Materials (APM) to provide Flectron, a metallized fabric for shielding
The ways in which a society provides itself with the material objects of its culture.
an integral part of our American culture
a system of genetically modifying either bacteria cells or mammalian cells in tissue culture so that they include in their genome
a guest in our home everyday through home improvement, appliances and home safety
an indication of the growing importance of hard disk appliances in this area"
a highly regarded player in the high-def-microdisplay market
a complement, not a competitor, to programmable DSPs in high-performance, real-time signal processing systems
a so-called 'class-based' language in that its functionality is determined by the Java classes available to the programmer
a company specialising in the development of Microsoft based solutions
a large, independent contract research, development and testing organisation, with expertise across diverse areas such as the development of RF products, ATE design, materials testing and CE approvals
an acknowledged bottleneck in the development of the U
a matrix arrangement of contact studs on the underside of the Zenite housing
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a natural extension to CMMS
a first allowing users to use Intel or AMD processors on the same motherboard
an extension to TCP which adds redundant information that enables the receiver to reconstruct lost information without requiring the time delay of retransmission
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a fibrin-specific agent
Terminator Technology Terrorism Tied Aid Tourism
a proven asset to investigators and prosecutors in identifying and bringing criminals to justice
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a peculiar sort of merchandise
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a rotary spray nozzle that creates a consistent and fewer small droplets are produced than with conventional nozzles
an active participant in the OpenCable process
a synthetic process
a video processing circuit that ensures stable viewing of DVDs and streaming video
a significant improvement over dual-gamma and other less sophisticated analytical approaches for through-belt ash measurement
a breakthrough in the world of employment assessment
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a member of the TTL Group of companies
an extremely important event for the whole wireless telecommunication industry and that, therefore, it is highly motivated to take a closer look at it and to study the reasons for and consequences of this event
an industry supported group with much involvement in monitoring
a basic skill that will help advance our client's position
a progressive company that offers unique opportunities for you to apply and develop your skills, and to make money while doing work that will benefit others
skills that contribute to effective execution of tasks.
an essential component (or a precondition) for implementing personalisation
a member of United Way
an exciting and affordable way to maximize the number of customers that can be served
a way of organizing the universe so that man doesn't have to experience it
a design for instrumental action that reduces the uncertainty in the cause-effect relationships involved in achieving a desired outcome
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an important ally in that search
a big step into the future, where various networks will be integrated into each other, and users' terminal devices will be at liberty to choose the most suiting connection
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a two edged sword
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a Girl's Best Friend" awards
The use of the word technology is meant to encompass both educational and instructional technology within this document unless one of these terms is used specifically.
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a good example
Society's pool of knowledge regarding how goods and services can be produced from a given amount of resources.
The application of knowledge to meet the goals and to supply the goods and services needed and desired by people.
a privately held venture capital backed company
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Technology means a data format, programming or markup language, protocol or API.
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an excellent fit for this type of circuit
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a thought expressed
a reflective liquid crystal modulator whereby electronic signals are addressed directly to the device
a module that can easily be added to Electric to provide a custom design environment
an independent system integration firm who specializes in meeting the computing needs of organizations
a powerful instrument in the identification of individual animals
a transfer of a specifically coded gene of one organism into bacteria
Technology includes Appropriate technology and Technology transfer.
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a bit of a red herring
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(see assistive technology)