Definitions for "APM"
In CICSPlex, analysis point monitoring. Application performance management. A general term used to describe tools and/or services used to monitor end user experiences.
Affiliate Program Manager
(Affiliate Partner Manager) APM - when an Affiliate which you referred joins Paid On Results you become their APM. You earn at least 5% of their earnings, while they are an active Affiliate. You can help that Affiliate if you wish by contacting them and giving them advise on Affiliate marketing, but only if you want to. You can simply leave them to it and earn the 5%. But by helping them, you increase their commission and therefore increase your own commission.
Academic Personnel Manual. UC Personnel Policies for academic appointees. Includes procedures for appointment, advancement and promotion.
Academic Personnel Manual. Allocation
Academic Personnel Manual. Administrative official
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Acquisition Policy Memo
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Automated Precision Manufacturing
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Annual Parents Meeting
Absent Parent Mother
Application Programming Model. A programming model that defines how to use and combine the features of the J2EE platform to create solutions for common application domains in the enterprise.