Definitions for "Memo "
a written proposal or reminder
a birthday reminder
Memo displays the time as text , and your next appointments, memos, and alarms in a small window.
A longer field in either the Main or Detail Inventory Table which contains more complete descriptors for "listed as" entries, or specific "Notes" for the researcher.
a general-purpose multi-line text editor control
A wholesale sales contract where an items is sold on consignment. Usually this allows a jeweler time to show an item to a customer and if not sold to the customer , the jewlery can return the item to the wholesale source. Industry norms are such that only 5-10% of such contracts result in a successful sale. As result wholesalers can add significantly to the price in those sales that are successful to make up the time and shipping costs for the items not sold.
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a real crock of shit
a formal document sent to people who work for one company
a no-nonsense professional document, designed to be read quickly and passed along rapidly, often within a company or work group
a document typically used for communication within a company
an inter-office communication
a short, to the point communication conveying you
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a message, which you can send someone who is offline
a message you can leave on the server for someone to pick up when they log onto the server
Minnesota Educational Media Organization
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MeMo must become Generic Programming Language & IDE, as flexible & smart as it is possible for computer application, including adjustable syntax, algorithm reduction... Ideally, it should contain AI for interacting with the user.
a transaction, created within a Document batch
Optional information to further define the application of funds on a specific transaction. If the transaction is a disbursement to a third party destination, the Memo can be used to identify the customerâ€(tm)s account number at that designated location.
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A large fabric sample.
An 8 ½â€ x 8 ½â€ sample of fabric or other material.
Used for record keeping. Will not print on audit. Explains the reason for the exception.
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The area on a check that notes what the check was written to pay for.