Definitions for "Communicator"
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An information-centric device with voice capability. Communicators have the ability to link seamlessly with a PC, with printers, with the Internet - to send and receive files, to synchronize seamlessly and to be practical to carry around.
a mobile device bigger than a phone, but smaller than a Pocket PC
a package consisting of a mobile phone with a keyboard and small screen into their cellular telephone, in which some personal information organizer (PIM) applications are provided for convenience
the term given to the person who is communicating through the medium to the person (recipient) in the audience or private sitting
a data object that specifies the scope of a communication operation, that is, the group of processes involved and the communication context
an object that represents a group of processes and their communication medium or context
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Two-way “walkie talkie” radios
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an argument to all communication routines
Netscape Communicator is a suite of Internet applications. It is part of the Business Internet software. Find out more about Communicator.
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a person who communicates with others
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One who communicates.