Definitions for "Polling"
(adj.) of a communication system. Polling involves a node inspecting the communication hardware - typically a flag bit - to see if information has arrived or departed. Polling is an alternative to an interrupt driven system. The natural synchronization of the nodes imposed by polling is used in the implementation of blocking communications primitives.
A means of controlling devices on multi-point line. Usually utilized to send/receive information via modem from remote computers to a central computer.
Technique used to determine when a device requires attention, by having the processor continuously test the device's status. See Interrupt.
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The act of voting, or of registering a vote.
The ability to record votes during a conference call. Often the participants enter their vote through their telephone keypads, entering a 1 or a 2 to vote one way or another. Using Web-based conferencing, polling can be conducted through a PC keypad, with results immediately shared in graphics on the callers’ PC screens.
A public opinion poll is created when a polling firm telephones a sample of citizens that has been randomly selected and asks a series of standard questions. If executed properly, the poll will generally reflect an opinion that would be expected if every eligible voter had been polled. Public opinion polls are an important facet of the election season, and provide those who read them with an idea of what many Americans think about various candidates and issues. See also Push polling.
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Plunder, or extortion.
Polling means "picking up" a document that has been left for you at the remote fax. Using this feature, you can also leave a document in your machine’s memory for other machines to poll from you. With polling, the telephone line costs are charged to the person receiving the message.
Allows you to retrieve a document from another fax machine, or for another fax machine to retrieve a document from your fax machine. Also called Fax back
The ability of the fax machine to call remote locations and to retrieve any waiting fax messages.
During procedural processing, periodically checking to see if an event has occurred, for example, by using a "repeat" statement. See also scanning.
The process by which a monitor obtains the most recent status of a resource.
commecting to another system to check for email and messages
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see « Multidrop».
Chains of retail small to medium outlets will usually not maintain communication with each outlet all of the time. Instead, they poll each outlet periodically, and exchange information like sales, inventory, etc. Typically this is done each night.
A process, typically overnight in the case of card transactions, where the retail terminals download the dayÂ's sale and refund details to a bankÂ's systems.
During the night provided you have completed the 'end of day' procedure correctly, details of card payments will be collected via your equipment through a phone line. This process is known as polling, and relates to off-line terminals only.
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Poling is the practice of hitting a horse on the legs as it goes over a jump, to make it think it hit the fence hard (due to the pain), so the animal will pick his legs up higher the next time. It is usually performed using a long bamboo stick, which is smacked on the cannon bones of the horse.
Polling in metallurgy is the process of refining a crude metal which has its own oxide as impurity. The molten metal is stirred with logs of green wood in a tank. The heat from the molten metal decomposes the wood which liberates hydrocarbon gases which reduce the oxide impurity into the metal.
A certificate revocation list (CRL) delivery model which requires the certificate user to request the current CRL whenever verifying a digital certificate. One polling problem is the time delay between certificate authority (CA) certificate revocation and CA publication of a new CRL.
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The act of topping, lopping, or cropping, as trees or hedges.
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The transmission of a signal from the BTS to the mobile station to find out if the mobile station is still within the vicinity of the BTS.
A technique for determining the order in which nodes take turns accessing the network. This is done so that access collision can be avoided.
A media-access-control strategy in which a controlling computer mediates access to the communication channel.
An alternative to interrupting in a communication system. A node inspects its communication hardware (typically a flag bit) to see whether information has arrived or departed.
The daily process whereby viewing data is collected by telephone from each panel home.
Collection of subnet utilization or lease history data over a certain regular period.
The use of statistical theory to assume some characteristic of a population based on a survey of a representative sample of that population.