Definitions for "CONVERSATION"
A fair to the display of the minor mental commodities, each exhibitor being too intent upon the arrangement of his own wares to observe those of his neighbor.
Colloquial discourse; oral interchange of sentiments and observations; informal dialogue.
a dialogue, not a monologue
Sorry? What did you say? Crash: When CFSella's body clock hits its own individual version of midnight and turns into a pumpkin … or pumpkin soup. See Bedridden.
An exchange of multiple documents between end-points. A conversation is typically defined with a process model. A conversation manager tracks the state of conversations.
an exchange of instant messages between you and a contact.
the use of speech for informal exchange of views or ideas or information etc.
a back and forth sharing of a topic
a component that correlates and orders the messages that services receive
an original message and all its replies
The play, back and forth, of fencers and their blades in a match.
the back-and-forth play of the blades in a fencing match, composed of phrases (phrases d'armes) punctuated by gaps of no blade action.
In SNA, an LU 6.2 session between two transaction programs.
The logical communication between two transaction programs.
a logical connection between a pair of transaction programs that permits them to share an LU-LU session serially from transaction to transaction
a collective process, where participants change between the roles of sender and recipient, and through their interaction meaning emerges
a logical unit of interaction and may consist of one or more (two party or
a potentially long-running sequence of interactions (document exchanges) between multiple web services
Familiar intercourse; intimate fellowship or association; close acquaintance.
Commerce; intercourse; traffic.
Sexual intercourse; as, criminal conversation.
a form that is quite familiar in some ways, but still odd in a written format
a good way to reach mutual understanding
a meandering walk, in which you should stop to smell the flowers along the way
a series of infos that are played between two NPCs
a symmetric process involving two equal partners
A dialog between two application processes on different DB2 subsystems. Might involve different MVS images.
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a slippery creature
a better illustration of the play that concerns Heidegger
a much better forum for learning what people know
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a cooperative endeavor
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See Cisco Unity conversation.
a script-type data structure that assembles methods and defines a processing order for a service
a type of interpersonal script
a global health education initiative designed to improve communication between men with erectile dysfunction (ED), their partners and their doctors
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a gathering to pursue what it means to grow in relationship with God and one another
a success if the animals have made the same meaning/signal mapping
n.: A vocal competition in which the one who is catching his breath is called the listener.
a private chat-board with scheduling and negotiation features
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a pattern of thoughts out of which meaning can emerge
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an informal talk between people Or, perhaps a talk
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taking and giving ear
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a exploration of another person
Keywords:  dynamic, thing, organic
a dynamic, organic thing
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a chain of emails that are each in response to the last or in response to an original
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General course of conduct; behavior.
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an organized situation
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a unit of work from the point of view of the user