Definitions for "SNA"
Systems Network Architecture. 1. The part of a user-application network that conforms to the formats and protocols of SNA. It enables reliable transfer of data among end users and provides protocols for controlling the resources of various network configurations. The SNA network consists of network accessible units (NAUs), boundary function, gateway function, and intermediate session routing function components; and the transport network. 2. (IRM) The framework, designed by IBM, which defines the structuring of data communications functions and protocols of the mainframe, including networking protocols, administration software, and hardware devices that provide physical delivery of those protocols.
Systems Network Architecture. A description of the logical structure, formats, protocols, and operation sequences that transmit information and that control the configuration and operation of an IBM network.
ystems etwork rchitecture] IBM's proprietary protocol for connecting computers.
Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura (Chile)
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Sous-marin nucléaire d'attaque
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Sierra Nevada Alliance
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Santa Ana (Orange County) CA
Special Needs Assistant
Safety Net Assistance. SNA is a state and locally funded program that provides cash assistance to eligible individuals, couples and families that are not eligible for other temporary or public assistance. Generally, SNA can be provided for a maximum of two years in a lifetime. After that, if eligibility continues, SNA will be provided in non-cash form, such as two-party check or a voucher. In addition, non-cash SNA is provided for families of persons who are unable to work due to the abuse of drugs or alcohol or for refusing drug/alcohol screening, assessment or treatment.
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SNA is an acronym for
Designated Scientific and Natural Areas
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Safety Net Adjustment
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