Definitions for "NDIS"
Keywords:  nic, driver, odi, microsoft, stacks
A Windows specification for how communication protocol programs (such as TCP/IP) and network device drivers should communicate with each other.
A Microsoft specification to which network adapter drivers must conform in order to work with Microsoft Network operating systems. NDIS provides a many-to-many binding between network adapter drivers and transport protocols.
Network Driver Interface Standard. A standard developed by Microsoft and IBM that says how NIC drivers (also called MAC (Media Access Control)) communicate with the protocol stack in the Data Link Layer of the OSI 's reference model. It allows multiple NICs to bind with a protocol stack, a NIC to bind with multiple protocol stacks, or multiple NICs to bind with multiple protocol stacks. See also ODI and my article on OSI.
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National DNA Index System. NDIS is part of the national network of state and local DNA profile databases, known as the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), and is maintained by the FBI. All records in NDIS are provided by participating state and local DNA laboratories.
National Document and Information Service. Former joint development project of the Library with the National Library of New Zealand
National DNA Index System. the FBI-maintained national component to CODIS. NDIS contains DNA profiles uploaded from approved SDIS laboratories.
Natural Diversity Information Source