Definitions for "ncs"
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Network-based Call Signaling. PacketCable protocol, profile of MGCP 1.0 for residential gateways.
Network Control System
Network Computing Services
Network and Communication Services, a division of Cornell Information Technologies (CIT).
OUTDATED. (One of three former divisions of CIT; primarily located in Rhodes Hall.)
Non-Consensual Sex. ie, rape
nonconsensual sex; rape
Neurocardiogenic syncope
National Cemetery System
National Communications Systems
National Cycling Strategy Strategy launched in 1996 to boost cycling use in UK
Nigerian Congestion Surcharge.
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Norwegian Continental Shelf
NICMOS Cooling System- This mechanical cooler which was tested during the HOST mission and will be installed during SM3B will allow NICMOS to resume science operations.
NATO Committee for Standardization
New community schools. See integrated community schools.
New community schools are now know as Integrated Community Schools. An integrated community school encourages closer and better joint working among education, health and social work agencies and professionals, greater pupil and parental involvement in schools, and improved support and service provision for vulnerable children and young people.
is an abbreviation of Natural Colour System.
Natural Color System. An internationally recognised system for colour selection, specification, communication and control of colour in architecture, design, marketing, manufacturing, education and research.
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Naval Control of Shipping
Net Control Station
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Nominated Carrier Scheme
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Not C Sharp. Four goals:
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Not Clinically Significant
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nerve conduction studies
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Non-Commercial Sex