Definitions for "NPS"
A dimensionless designator for such traditional terms as "nominal diameter", "size", and "nominal size". Corresponds to actual outside diameter only in sizes 14 inches and over.
Nominal Pipe Size. Designates a method of identifying the size of steel pipe without compromising the actual diameter data. Thus nominal 1 inch pipe with the actual external diameter of 1.315 inch (33.40 mm) becomes NPS 1; nominal 14 inch pipe with internal diameter of 13.250 inch (336.55 mm) becomes NPS 14.
National Pipe Straight threads used in steel drums. Most steel drums have both a 2" and a 3/4" NPS opening.
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The aval ostgraduate chool.
see national policy statement
National Prescribing Service
National Park Service
Nurse Practioners. Nurses with extra, specialized trainingthat enables them to assume extra responsibilities in the care ofpatients.
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Nouveau Parti Socialiste
Naval Postgraduate School
Non Public School OAH Office of Administrative Hearings
No point source. Entry of effluent into a water body in a diffuse manner so there is no definite point of entry.
Nonpoint Source
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Nuclear Propulsion Systems
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New Patent Solution
Neutral pressure switch
Network Power Switch
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Non-personal Services
Non-Point Source
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Network product support.
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Network Policy Server