Definitions for "NSF"
National Service Frameworks - guidance on how services should be provided across the country.
Non Science Fiction (usually mainstream fiction)
One of the principal federal agencies supporting research in the physical sciences in the United States. Through its Division of Physics it provides approximately 30% of the support of the university High Energy Physics program.
Non-stop forwarding. Packets keep flowing during events such as failover, process restarts, and the upgrade/downgrade of software packages.
nonstop forwarding. Packets keep flowing during events such as failover, process restarts, and the upgrade or downgrade of software packages. Nonstop forwarding is the ability of a router to continue to forward traffic toward a router that may be recovering from a transient failure and the ability of a router recovering from a transient failure in the control plane to continue correctly forwarding traffic sent to it by a peer.
Non-stop forwarding. Generic table mechanism in which the goal is to have continuous packet forwarding despite failures in the system control plane (routing protocols and others).
Not sufficient funds in account to cover the value of a cheque issued. The service charge for an NSF cheque is high and, worse, writing NSF cheques can damage a credit record.
( on- ufficient unds) a term used when a checking account does not have the funds to cover a purchase
A situation in which a check (or other type of withdrawal) may not be paid because the balance in the account is less than the amount of the check. See overdraft.
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nonstandard facilities
no significant findings PCV packed cell volume
Standard format for electronic filing.
A proprietary, 320-byte flat file record format used to submit professional claims. Not a HIPAA standard.
Network Supervisory Function. Network management control for X.25 networks using XI. Provides dynamic control and diagnosis of XI resources.
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Notes Storage File
A file containing ripped NES music.
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NSF is an abbreviation.