Definitions for "PCV"
Pressure-Controlled Ventilation (See Pressure Control Mode.)
Proportional Control Valve
If the PCV valve is clogged, your car will run rough or stall. It may also cause engine to use oil, smoke, and have high emissions.
Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine
Polyvinyl chloride. A plastic that is extruded into various stucco trim accessories.
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See Plano-Concave Lens.
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Peace Corps Volunteer
see 'Prescribed concentration or value'
Prescribed Concentration or Value (water quality standards)
parity code violation. General term used for an illegal parity bit. The parity bits validate the data and detect transmission problems in the cell.
Acronym for PC Viewer. A software that makes it possible to save picture data from PC to PC card and project the picture from the PC card by the projector without a PC.
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Passenger Carrying Vehicle
PERSONAL COMMISSION VALUE. The accumulated Commission Value of all products purchased by you, along with the CV of all products purchased by any retail customers who you have personally enrolled is combined during a given pay period to determine your “Personal Commission Value” (PCV) for that pay period.
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Packed cell volume
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Phase Center Variation ˆÊ‘Š'†S