Definitions for "Internal combustion engine"
An engine using burning hydrocarbons to power one or more pistons.
An engine in which the fuel, such as gas, vapor, gasoline, or oil is burned direct in the cylinder, generating a high temperature and high pressure in the gases of combustion, which expand behind a piston and drive it forward.
One that burns its fuel within cylinders or some other enclosed space. Independent Lessor Independent lessors are usually individual businesses that can provide for the lease of virtually any make or model of vehicle. Independent lessors, like dealers, can write custom leases, including those with different conditions and special mileage considerations. Ignition Coil It receives a small amount of electrical voltage from the battery and steps up the low "primary" voltage and amplifies it into a big jolt of voltage of about 20,000 volts, and sends it to the spark plugs via the distributor.