Definitions for "Diesel Fuel"
A fuel composed of distillates obtained in petroleum refining operation or blends of such distillates with residual oil used in motor vehicles. The boiling point and specific gravity are higher for diesel fuels than for gasoline.
the light oil fuel used in diesel and other compression-ignition engines.
Diesel Fuel consists mostly of hydrocarbons ranging from C10 to C24. The composition of diesel fuel may vary with changes in latitude or changes in season. this variability is provided by the refinery to control the volatility of the product. In order to be identified as diesel fuel, a sample extract must exhibit a homologous series of five or more consecutive normal alkanes ranging from C12 through C22. Diesel fuel has a flash point of 120 to 160°F and explosive limits of 0.7% to 5%. Many states specify a minimum flash point for diesel fuel.