Definitions for "octane"
Any one of a group of metametric hydrocarbons (C8H18) of the methane (paraffin) series. The most important is a colorless, volatile, inflammable liquid, found in petroleum, and a constituent of gasoline or ligroin.
It is a type of numeric rating to suggest the resistance of gasoline to detonation. Octane is actually a hydrocarbon. High octane number indicates less chance of detonation. Octane is actually a hydrocarbon (C8H18).
Rating applied to gasoline.
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Octane (aka Pulse' in the United States) is a 2003 film by Marcus Adams. The story follows Senga Wilson, a recently divorced woman, trying to save her 15 year old daughter Natasha from a bizarre cult obsessed with blood and cars.
Octane is a Decepticon in the Transformers toyline.
Octane is a rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Octane is the eighth studio album by American progressive rock band Spock's Beard. The first seven tracks form the multi-part epic "A Flash Before My Eyes". A Special Edition release contain a second disc of more music and a video.
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Orbital's first soundtrack is for a horror road movie & features 14 tracks. EMI. 2003.
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