Definitions for "Bizarre"
Odd in manner or appearance; fantastic; whimsical; extravagant; grotesque.
conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual; "restaurants of bizarre design--one like a hat, another like a rabbit"; "famed for his eccentric spelling"; "a freakish combination of styles"; "his off-the-wall antics"; "the outlandish clothes of teenagers"; "outre and affected stage antics"
(adjective) Out of the ordinary; odd, extravagant, or eccentric
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Bizarre was a weekly 1980s Canadian TV sketch comedy series. The first episode aired in 1980, and the final episode was broadcast in 1985. The show was hosted by John Byner, and produced by the CTV television network at the CFTO Glen-Warren Studios in suburban Toronto.
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Rufus Johnson (born July 5, 1976 in Detroit, Michigan), better known as Bizarre, is an American rapper and member of the group D12.
Bizarre is a self-described "alternative" and "non-mainstream" magazine.Dennis Publishing Ltd — Media Information (web page) It is a sister publication to Fortean Times. It has no connection to the fetish publication also known as "Bizarre" published between 1946-1959.