Definitions for "ltd"
ong erm isability insurance provides income protection in the event of time lost due to sickness or accident of long term nature. Generally monthly payments commence after a specified waiting period and continue while the employee remains disabled usually up to a specified age.
Lost Time Disease. A lost time disease is any occupational disease compensated under the provisions of the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 1981, which causes the death of the employee or absence from work for one day (or shift) or more. (See below for definition of occupational disease.)
Long Term Disability benefits through Liberty Mutual.
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Little Tubby Dude. Fat boys in the Army.
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Laser target designator
Laser Target Designation
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LAST TRADING DAY. The final day in which trading may occur for a particular delivery month. After the last trading day, any remaining commitment must be settled for delivery.
Last day to trade: The last day that an investor can open or close his trades position.
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Local Tournament Director