Definitions for "TTD"
The ISO currency code for the Trinidad/Tobago Dollar.
Trinidadian and Tobagan Dollars
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
Temporary Total Disability: wage loss checks for total disability
Temporary Total Disability. A person is unable to do any type of work for a temporary period of time. Workers' compensation payments are usually paid while the injured worker is out of work.
Temporary Total Disability. A disability that completely prevents an injured worker from returning to work for a temporary time period. MEDICAL MILEAGE- IT REALLY ADDS UP! Although you may not be reimbursed for the time you spend at doctors' appointments and therapy sessions, you are entitled under Florida Statutes to be reimbursed for travel expenses to and from these appointments. Most insurance companies won't volunteer this benefit to you; however, under current law, you are currently entitled to be reimbursed at a rate of $.29 per mile in both workers' compensation and personal injury claims. It may not seem like a lot, but it really adds up!!! Contact Bernstein & Maryanoff, P.A. 1-800-429-4LAW (4529).
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam
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Abbreviation for trichothiodystrophy.
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'Taste the Difference' Sainsbury's premium sub-brand range of products, featuring circa 900 lines.
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Another common term for TTY or TDD.
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Tactical terrain data
Training Technology Development