Definitions for "Waiver"
The act of waiving, or not insisting on, some right, claim, or privilege.
An intentionally given-up right.
Term used to refer to a variety of exceptions or variances allowed to circumvent Federal rules. See Medicare waiver or Medicaid waiver.
In insurance, an agreement contained in the policy that releases the insurance company from liability to pay for losses resulting from risks ordinarily covered in the policy, such as specified disabilities or injuries, or death from certain causes.
In disability insurance, see Exclusion Rider.
a request to be exempted from a section of FCC rules
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A legal exception in GA n whereby a contracting party --with the approval of other GATT members --may maintain a specific practice that would otherwise violate the MFN principle or other GATT obligation.
An authorized deviation from the terms of a previously negotiated and legally binding agreement. Many countries have sought and obtained waivers from particular obligations of the GATT and WTO.
an official document issued by the FAA which authorizes certain operations of aircraft in deviation from a regulation, but under conditions ensuring an equivalent level of safety
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Official permission to skip a class, usually by a test or proof of competency
a grant of authority by the State Board of Education (SBE) to a governing board of a district, county office of education (COE), or special education local plan area (SELPA) to provide an alternative to a legal mandate or prohibition
a grant of "permission" by the federal government for states to ignore specific federal requirements in programs that are partially federally funded
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In special circumstances you may submit a Request for Adjustment of Academic Requirements (RAAR petition) to ask that some general university rules be modified for you. For adjustments in a major or minor, see your department or program advisor. For adjustments to GE or graduation requirements, turn in your petition to the Office of the Registrar. Some examples of appropriate petitions are: transfer of courses that do not exactly match SDSU requirements and need special evaluation, or substitution of one course for another.
Indicates that the College is excusing the student from a financial or academic requirement.
When penalties or interest have not yet been charged, a determination is made not to charge the amount, either at the client's request or on the CCRA's own initiative.
A process used by some fantasy football leagues to make all free agents equally available to every team. Waivers generally require a player that has been dropped to be available for a set number of days to allow a team with the poorest record to strengthen its roster if desired.
a technical term meaning simply that permission is being sought by a team to assign a player or players to the minor leagues or to release or trade a player
Relaxing a requirement pertaining to the eligibility of a loan. Waivers may include permitting less documentation than would otherwise be required.
a kind of loophole that allows some vehicles to get past an emissions test even when they can't meet the applicable emission requirements
a permanent suspension of a PTSB requirement
document stating a cancellation or reduction of a requirement. [D05220] SA-CMM See also Concession [D00273] Buyer action that grants contract relief from achieving specified performance. Usually applied when the required performance is not worth the cost and/or schedule to achieve full compliance. [D04298] CSM
a document, which provides relief or exception from a requirement or regulation
a limited form of penalty relief
waiver - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Written authorization to use or release a quantity of material, components, or stores already manufactured but not conforming to the specified requirements. walkthrough. See: code walkthrough.
Authorization to accept an item that, during production or upon inspection, is found to depart from specified requirements, but nevertheless is considered suitable for use as is or after rework.
an agreement not to contest whether a student has committed an infraction of the Code of Conduct and the acceptance of consequences in lieu of a hearing before a disciplinary tribunal
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Walk-through Wraparound mortgage
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Signed statement indicating that the participant will not hold the SCA responsible for damages incurred to them while participating at an SCA activity, here specifically, while on the field at an SCA event.
A statement signed by an individual which provides a legal release from liability for the SCA in the event that the individual is injured while participating at an event or in SCA combat. Official Forms
a legal instrument that many businesses use to avoid future lawsuits in the event a product or service they're selling proves to be dangerous
a program administered by the Chester County Department of Aging
an eligibility form that is designed to divert people with autism into the MH/MR systems
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a good thing to have, but when it comes to court it won't help you very much
Process whereby a juvenile court case is transferred to adult court.
a finding of fact reviewed under the clearly erroneous standard
An override to the standard terms and conditions of a contract.
a written determination used to resolve a real or apparent conflict of interest
an arrangement under which a school does not charge specific costs if a student meets certain qualifications.
an alternative to taking and passing the Essential Skills Tests
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a form that patients are often asked to sign to allow their health information to be used by third parties
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a clause that states that users, customers, etc