Definitions for "Mandate"
An official or authoritative command, order, or authorization from a superior official to a subordinate; an order or injunction; a commission; a judicial precept.
An authorization to carry out a specific public policy, given by the electorate to their representatives; -- it is considered to be implied by the election of a candidate by a significant margin after that candidate has campaigned with that policy as a prominent element of the campaign platform.
A rescript of the pope, commanding an ordinary collator to put the person therein named in possession of the first vacant benefice in his collation.
Authorization by a multinational body to a nation to administer the government and affairs of a territory, usually a former colony; as, termination of the British mandate in Palestine.
The terms of a United Nations Security Council resolution and any further direction given by the relevant international organisation or other international agreement..
A commission from the League of Nations authorizing a member nation to administer a territory.
The terms, conditions and investment strategy under which an Investment Manager operates.
The agreed objectives in a management agreement which an investment manager is given by an investor that can include a benchmark portfolio and forbidden investments.
A mandate is the portfolio given to investment managers by clients to be managed within their risk control requirements.
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a ticket to piss on dissent
a chimaera, claimed as often as possible as a justification for a movement or regime to fight as hard as it would have anyway to do whatever it most wants to do
a document received from the Court of Criminal Appeals upon its completion of a case review
a formal order from a superior court to an inferior one
In United States appellate practice, a mandate is a formal notice of a decision by a court of appeal; this notice is transmitted to the trial court and, when filed by the clerk of the trial court, constitutes the final judgment on the case, unless the appeal court has directed further proceedings in the trial court. The mandate is distinguished from the appeal court's opinion, which sets out the legal reasoning for its decision. In some U.S. jurisdictions the mandate is known as the remittitur.
The Mandate trade union was formed in 1994 with the amalgamation of IDATU and INUVGATA trade unions.
An action by the State that requires a local unit of government to expand or modify its activities so as to necessitate expenditures of additional local revenues. The Maine Constitution requires the State to fund 90% of the local cost of state mandates. The Constitution does provide that the Legislature may exempt specific expenditures from this requirement by a 2/3 vote of all members of each chamber.
a requirement from a higher government to a lower one to do something
A law passed by the federal government which impacts, often at their own expense, state governments or institutions. | The senator called the law an unfair mandate. [ Lesson 8
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an agreement between you as the seller and the estate agent to market the property
a specific agreement for a seller on behald of a buyer to go into the market and purchase fuel or crude
This is an agreement between the seller and the estate agent to market the property.
A contract signed between a customer (Mandant) and the supplier or service provider (Agent)
a collection of rights within the limits of which an agent may act in the name of the principal
make mandatory; "the new director of the schoolbaord mandated regular tests"
an aspect of the Divine Plan unfolding regardless of the energy of the individual components involved with it
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A legal requirement, usually imposed by State or Federal law. This term is used to refer to County services which are provided to comply with State or Federal laws.
A duty required by law or rule.
A specific procedure or coverage that a plan or insurance contract must offer, as dictated by state or federal law.
a regulation that artificially increases the demand for ethanol
Official designation of a housing provider pertaining to the housing of particular groups in society (e.g. seniors, hard-to-house, families, youth, physically disabled).
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a blow out win
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a contract by which one person designates another person to represent him or her, in other words act on his or her behalf, in legal dealings with a third party
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a Trust, according to ART
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a requirement that an insurance company or an insuring entity such as a self-insured employer offer specified benefits in an insurance plan
Any legal order or requirement.
a commission or order given from one person to another
Direct representative of a buyer or seller