Definitions for "Signed"
A book that the author has autographed. Also referred to as inscribed.
Refers to a printed item on which the author (or illustrator or publisher) has written their name, usually on the endpapers, title page, or in the case of pamphlets on the wrappers.
The author's signed name, in her own hand. Signed, however, is very different from signature.
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(SGD) Signed with a name only, and no other text included.
contains the closing salutation, etc., appended to a foreword, dedicatory epistle, or other division of a text.
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having a handwritten signature; "a signed letter"
A file that has been digitally marked with information about its creator. Authenticode is a method of signing a file.
The term used when a Manufacturers or Designers name or identifying mark is etched, carved, or stamped into the Jewelry.
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used of the language of the deaf