Definitions for "Letter to the editor"
A letter in which a reader expresses his or her views in the newspaper; usually printed on the editorial page or the page opposite the editorial page.
short (300 words) opinion piece usually related to a newspaper report.
An open letter written by readers to a newspaper or magazine to congratulate, discuss, or criticize a previous article.
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a Leserbrief (lit
a great way to get the word out
a great way to raise awareness in your community about Scientology's abuses and the harm the organization causes
a highly effective way of making a positive impact on the public discourse in your community
a good vehicle for educating the public and decision makers about an issue
a good way of putting forward a Christian response to a topical issue
a response to an issue or a point of view that has appeared in the Spartan Daily
a type of business letter, so organize an introductory paragraph, support paragraphs, and a closing paragraph
a very effective communication tool