Definitions for "READER"
A device used to communicate with RFID tags. The reader has one or more antennas, which emit radio waves and receive signals back from the tag. The reader is also sometimes called an interrogator because it "interrogates" the tag.
A reader is a device composed of a magnetic head, electronic circuitry and a case. It is used to read magnetic data from a stripe.
A device that enlarges microimages for viewing. See also READER-PRINTER.
One whose distinctive office is to read prayers in a church.
A man tonsured by the Bishop into the lesser ranks of the clergy. He has the disnity to wear a cassock and to receive Holy Communion in his Stikharion.
An individual who participates in the leadership of a worship service by reading scripture or leading the congregation in prayer.
A malefactor who atones for making your writing nonsense by permitting the compositor to make it unintelligible.
a person hired by a production company, producer, director, studio, or agent to read a script then write coverage on it. They generally work free lance and are paid approximately $45 a script.
A professor responsible for advising, reading, and finally approving a graduate student's dissertation. A student usually has two or three readers (the "first" reader being the main adviser), each of whom has some special interest or expertise in the student's special field, and is thus in a good position to help supervise the research and writing of the dissertation.
A reader is a volunteer or employee who reads printed material in person or onto audio tape.
a person who reads the written word either in real time or on an audio tape
a volunteer who reads written or printed materials to a student/client who
a comprehensive anthology of recent scholarly articles about the meanings and behaviors surrounding the production, distribution and consumption of food in the United States
a unique anthology that presents for the first time a comprehensive selection of writings on atheism, agnosticism, and skepticism by some of the world's most celebrated thinkers, past and present
a welcome and scholarly addition to European Historical Studies academic library reference collections and supplemental reading lists
a public lecturer at certain universities
originally a senior barrister member chosen to deliver a course of lectures on a legal statute, either to the Inner Temple or to one of its Inns of Chancery (qv). It became customary for a Reader to be called to the Bench after his reading or readings (generally two) and to be allowed to nominate one or more friends or relatives to be admitted to the Inn without payment of the usual entrance fee (special admission) Nowadays, the Reader is elected from among the Benchers in the year before he or she serves as Treasurer of the Inner Temple (qv)
In the academic hierarchy in the United Kingdom and some universities in Australia and New Zealand, Reader is the rank between senior lecturer (or principal lecturer in the New Universities) and professor. The title of Reader is given in recognition of research and scholarship.
a compendium of hundreds of practical tips, research facts, information sources, and free materials designed to help parents and teachers to instruction children in the skills of reading, as well as instilling in children a love for reading
an invaluable addition to the growing body of international feminist literature and history
an invaluable resource for concerned parents seeking to establish and improve their children's literacy skills based on the most current research and resources presently available on the subject
an innovative interdisciplinary resource
an interdisciplinary collection of articles which reflect the varied and sometimes controversial perspectives within these debates
an unprecedented collection of articles that, taken together, define this emergent field
Someone skilled in the practice of reading the Tarot to answer questions and give guidance to querents.
the tarot reader is the person performing the reading.
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The part of the Lisp system that reads input in the read-eval-print loop and parses it.
1. a function that reads 1 a variable or slot. 2. the Lisp reader.
A person who reads unsolicited manuscripts for an editor, usually for the purpose of weeding out those manuscripts that are unwanted.
someone who contracts to receive and pay for a certain number of issues of a publication
someone who reads manuscripts and judges their suitability for publication
a long-overdue appreciation of one of America's greatest independent filmmakers
an essential tribute to the vitality and breadth of shamanic tradition both among its original practitioners of Europe, the Americas and Asia, and within seemingly familiar aspects of the modern west
A book containing a selection of extracts for exercises in reading; an elementary book for practice in a language; a reading book.
a big, rich book, almost impossible to encompass within one brief review
a book usually for young people learning a language
a person who enjoys reading
a person who can read; a literate person
a person who reads the test to the test-taker
a user who can see and read a part of a document, but who cannot modify it
A user who can search for and read documents but cannot add them to the workspace. By default, all folder users have reader permissions. In an enhanced folder, readers can view only folders and published versions of documents. A reader cannot check out, edit, or delete workspace documents and cannot view draft document versions.
A Webstore user who has been given access by their administrator to read content in particular folders. See Overview about Users and Detailed User Specification [link to 09].
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See Story Analyst.
(n) A radio or TV news story that has no video, sound bites or elements other than the anchor reading it.  Sometimes referred to as “copy story.
Story read by the anchor, without any video.
a little like a writer's psychoanalyst
a writer moved to emulation
A proof reader.
someone who reads proof in order to find errors and mark corrections
a necessary corrective to this longstanding problem
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pitchman’s license to sell
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an animal who isn't a Fan, But reads all the Skiffy that he can
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a second worker and constructor
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The Reader is an actor in the Online Commons system. Most users that use the Online Commons System are Readers. The reader has the ability to create and edit profiles, search and retrieve documents, look at newly updated content, run polls, or subscribe to documents.
a process that does not intend to update the object, but wants to continually watch the object as other processes update it
Person who guides the team during the inspection meeting by reading or paraphrasing the work product. The role of the reader is usually fulfilled by a member of the inspection team other than the author(s). All inspection methods don't use this role.
a delicious reading treat, filled with facts and observations by critics and people who followed his career from its beginning
The part of Livingstone that Read s a Model from a Model File in one of the Model File Format. The Readers also Optimize the Model.
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a new member of the group who has not been promoted to a higher position yet, or one who is too shy to post
a program that reads a bunch of characters (typically one line, although not in every language) and divides those characters into meaningful units
An object in Java that is used to read a character stream. See Stream.
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Another name for a CCD or CMOS camera configured to read symbols.
One who possesses enough sensitivity to be able to read, i.e., intercept and transmit a psychic message.
A software program which is designed for the purpose of converting raw data to a recognizable format for interpretation. Back to the Glossary Index
a purchase you might want to consider for convenience, but it is not a necessity
a unique collaboration between charitable trusts, the business sector and government
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a performer of an author's work, just as a musician is a performer of a composer's score
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a specific class that knows how to read a terrain database from a hard drive or other data source
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one of a series of texts for students learning to read
a collection of key texts selected for their significance to thought about computers as media
a text to speech application that allows you to have just about any text read to you
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The details may be left to the reader: I can't do it.
An individual who spends two or more minutes reading or looking at a publication.
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a fit within many existing staff structures
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an abstraction for a source of items of type elem
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User of hypertext, specifically Web pages.
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a great place to start
Software to load a file or web page for display, computation, or converting.
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See Course Reader
a software application similar in function to your email program
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See "Card Reader".
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a process, e
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One who reads.