Definitions for "Original"
Pertaining to the origin or beginning; preceding all others; first in order; primitive; primary; pristine; as, the original state of man; the original laws of a country; the original inventor of a process.
That which precedes all others of its class; archetype; first copy; hence, an original work of art, manuscript, text, and the like, as distinguished from a copy, translation, etc.
In graphics, each print is pulled separately under the close supervision of the artist. The separate production of each print might result in slight variations on each, making each print an original (sometimes called multiple originals).
Not copied, imitated, or translated; new; fresh; genuine; as, an original thought; an original process; the original text of Scripture.
Having the power to suggest new thoughts or combinations of thought; inventive; as, an original genius.
The natural or wild species from which a domesticated or cultivated variety has been derived; as, the wolf is thought by some to be the original of the dog, the blackthorn the original of the plum.
a tune composed by a jazz musician and played by him but perhaps not well-known to others.
When referring to MIDI files, a song that is composed by the sequencer. (Or sequenced by the composer, if that's how you look at things.)
Original was the sixth single released under the Leftfield name. The song was released on 12" and CD on 13 March 1995. It featured Toni Halliday on vocals.
Refers to a coin that has not been "doctored", i.e. cleaned or tampered with post the original minting process.
Term used to describe a coin that never has been dipped or cleaned. Also coin struck from original dies.
Referring to any aspect of a coin that retains its original state. Original toning means natural, not retoned or cleaned. Original lustre means undisturbed lustre that hasn't been enhanced through artificial means.
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Abbreviated O.G. Strictly speaking, the specific gravity, but usually taken Gravity to mean the degree Balling or Plato of the wort leaving the brew kettle.
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An original thinker or writer; an originator.
a model designed by the maker himself and not borrowed from a previous maker, or borrowed but changed beyond recognition
a model designed by the maker himself (or herself), not borrowed from a previous maker
a piece conceived and created by its maker
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a shout of founder Blues Lee of JKD
The term used to identify the 1998, 1999, 2000 model years of Prius (only available in Japan).
an original model on which something is patterned
(of e.g. information) not secondhand or by way of something intermediary; "his work is based on only original, not secondary, sources"
preceding all others in time or being as first made or performed; "the original inhabitants of the Americas"; "the book still has its original binding"; "restored the house to its original condition"; "the original performance of the opera"; "the original cast"; "retracted his original statement"
The beginning, earliest, or preceding all others.
The "writing or recording itself or any counterpart intended to have the same effect by a person executing or issuing it. If data are stored in a computer or similar device, anyprintout or other output readable by sight, shown to reflect the data accurately is an original." (Uniform Rules of Evidence.)
the number of pages (if a large book), the number of names (if business cards), or the number of camera-ready mechanicals to be reproduced.
In gravure the term usually refers to a negative taken with a camera.
Camera film stock that was exposed and processed to produce either a negative or reversal picture.Most camera original is negative.
an excellent choice for heavy commercial use, household use, or for the demanding person seeking a rock solid versatile ladder
Having natural surfaces resulting from long exposure to ordinary environmental conditions; uncleaned
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A person of marked eccentricity.
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a light novel
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Origin; commencement; source.
Before unused or unknown; new; as, a book full of original matter.
Any matter or image intended for reproduction
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origin (but also as an adjective in the modern sense)
The current design activity's document or digital document representation and associated source data file(s) of record (i.e., for legal purposes).
The first representation or generation of specific content or an object.
Industry term used to define a "new take" on a familiar subject.
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The first of its kind to be made as a designer's sample garment.
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As published, i.e. 'original cloth'
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principal balance: The total amount of principal owed on a mortgage before any payments are made.