Definitions for "JAPAN"
Work varnished and figured in the Japanese manner; also, the varnish or lacquer used in japanning.
Of or pertaining to Japan, or to the lacquered work of that country; as, Japan ware.
To cover with a coat of hard, brilliant varnish, in the manner of the Japanese; to lacquer.
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Japan (日本, Nippon/Nihon, literally "the origin of the sun" or less literally "Land of the Rising Sun" ) is an island country east of the Asian continent on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean. It comprises over 6,800 islands having a coastline 100 meters or longer. ...
a string of more than 3,000 islands east of Asia extending 1,300 miles between the Sea of Japan and the western Pacific Ocean
a country off the southeast coast of Russia; it is composed of a series of islands.
Ministry of Finance Japanese Customs Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan International Cooperation Agency Tokyo Trade Center Statistics Bureau and Statistics Center
National Institute of Health Sciences, Tokyo
Tax Guide, hosted by the Tokyo Certified Tax Accountants Ass'n, is a good, clear outline of the Japanese tax system. It has no links to other resources, however. For that, as well as another extensive overview of the system, visit Business, Taxes and Customs, a publication of the Consulate General of Japan in New York.
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Fujiwara Regents as Kanpaku or Sessho* Hojo Regents as Shikken, regents of the Kamakura shogunate* Prince Regents Hirohito or Showa Tenno
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Junichiro Koizumi
Current entries . . . Aware Amida Buddhism Heian Japan Kami Kokugaku Miyabi Nichiren Buddhism Shinto Tennoism Zen Buddhism
a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building
The Japan Pavilion is part of the World Showcase within the Epcot theme park in Orlando Florida.
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Japan Telecom, KDDI, NTT
a notable case of a technological civilization that maintains a cultural tradition that has found a means of systematic expression of the essentially un-fixable element of the kinemorphae in the principle of Kata
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The front hand grabs the toe edge, the front knee is tucked and the board is pulled up and the back is arched.
Front hand grabs the toe edge in front of the front foot, knees are bent
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a member of IPA (The International Association for the Child's Right to Play , and the site contains details of e
a natural extension of the faculty's mission to deliver educational excellence and innovation in an international environment," says the Director Scott Maltby
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Japan is an Ant task and IntelliJ plugin for checking you haven't broken any package dependencies within your Java project.
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See jp, Kanji.
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No No No No Semi-PR Multi Parliamentary
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a member of London Alumni (London University Alumni)
Financial Supervisory Agency
Diamond engagement rings were unknown in Japan as late as the 1960's. De Beers has successfully targeted this market starting in 1967, and almost all Japanese brides now receive, or expect to receive, a diamond engagement ring.
Vodafone Japan Website , formerly known as J-Phone
The government is actively investigating purchasing programs. This year's Visa conference is part of their strategy to evaluate the desirability and feasibility of a program.
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Diabetes Complication
A1 The steady political and economic environment has positive effects on an already good payment record of companies. Very weak default probability.
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Japan was a British rock group, formed in 1974.
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