Definitions for "Scumble"
Keywords:  opaque, glaze, semi, lighty, paintwork
To cover lighty, as a painting, or a drawing, with a thin wash of opaque color, or with color-crayon dust rubbed on with the stump, or to make any similar additions to the work, so as to produce a softened effect.
Acrylic glaze. Scumbling: A broken paintwork effect for walls and furniture.
At first sight a rather strange boating tradition. Wood is painted with a coloured base paint and then an oil which is combed to look like wood grain. Base colours to simulate many timbers can be used but the commonest type used on the canals simulates Oak. It may seem a little strange to paint wood to look like wood but it is part of a tradition from the working boats when relatively cheap timber was used to build the cabins and scumbling this cheaper timber provided an improved appearance and the ability to clean the surfaces easily.