Definitions for "Priming"
Keywords:  keg, beer, bottle, ferments, sugar
The addition of sugar to fermented beer immediately prior to bottling or kegging. The added sugar ferments in the sealed package, creating the carbonation for the beer.
Adding sugar or malt to a fermented beer before packaging, creating a renewed fermentation in the bottle or keg, which produces carbonation in the finished product.
The carrying over of water, with the steam, from the boiler, as into the cylinder.
The delivery of steam containing water in suspension, due to violent ebullition or frothing.
filling the strainer or vacuum hose with water to help the pump push air out of the lines. If the pump won't prime, a full flow of water to the pump is being impeded by an air leak or restricted by clogged lines or baskets.
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A method of harvesting that involves removing individual leaves from the tobacco stalk as they ripen rather than removing all of the leaves at once. Priming is generally associated with flue-cured and oriental tobacco.
Method of harvesting in which the tobacco leaves are picked individually or in leaf groupings as they ripen on the plant; usually refers to flue-cured tobaccos.
Silicone joints on materials which are absorbent should have the contact surfaces treated with the sealant manufacturer's primer.
Sealing of a porous surface so that the compound will not stain, lose elasticity, shrink excessively, etc., (because of loss of oil). A sealant primer or surface conditioner may be used to promote adhesion of a curing type sealant to certain surfaces.
Sealing of a porous surface so that compounds will not stain, lose elasticity, shrink excessively, etc. because of loss of oil or vehicle into the surround.
Keywords:  canvas, preliminary, paint, laid, coat
The first coating of color, size, or the like, laid on canvas, or on a building, or other surface.
Priming refers to coating the backing on the adhesive side with a thin layer of adhesive-like material which serves as a bonding agent and the backing.
Thin layer of material, usually paint, applied to render canvas or wooden panel more suitable to paint on.
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(Also called prime-boost) Giving one vaccine dose to induce certain immune responses, to be followed by or together with a second type of vaccine (booster). A prime-boost combination may induce different types of immune responses and/or enhance overall responses beyond those seen with only one type of vaccine.
giving one vaccine dose(s) first to induce certain immune responses, followed by or together with a second type of vaccine. The intent of priming is to induce certain immune responses that will be enhanced by the booster dose(s).
(see also textbook glossary) The process by which recognizing one stimulus is facilitated by having perceived similar stimuli previously.
The tendency for recently used or perceived words or ideas to come to mind easily and influence the interpretation of new information.
A form of subliminal memory in which one piece of information can cue recall of another.
The increased accessibility or retrievability of information stored in memory produced by the prior presentation of relevant cues.
Priming in media is related to the agenda-setting theory. Priming is the process by which certain portions of media content are 'brought to the forefront' and certain other portions are relegated to the background. This process allows the media to exercise control over public opinion.
The powder or other combustible used to communicate fire to a charge of gunpowder, as in a firearm.
Keywords:  stove, burner, ignition, fuel, gas
Allowing fuel to collect in the burner of a liquid gas stove before ignition.
Increase in ease of doing a task or remembering information as a result of a previous encounter with the task or information. (568)
Priming in psychology refers to activating parts of particular representations or associations in memory just before carrying out an action or task. In a neurological view priming can be seen as the activation of clusters of neurons (which can be seen as little stores of particular information). An interconnected cluster is surrounded by other clusters that are more or less connected with each other.
An effect produced when, in a neural network, nodes that stand for different concepts become associated with each other and thus, when one is activated, the associated nodes become accessible.
Activation of a node in memory, often without conscious awareness.
any igniter that is used to initiate the burning of a propellant
the process by which recent experiences increase a trait's accessibility
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the act of making something ready
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The application of a low-level current to a gas cell to speed up response time when that cell is activated