Definitions for "Boiler"
A vessel in which any thing is boiled.
A strong metallic vessel, usually of wrought iron plates riveted together, or a composite structure variously formed, in which steam is generated for driving engines, or for heating, cooking, or other purposes.
This is the heart of the engine. It contains the firebox where the fuel is burnt to produce hot gases. These gases pass through tubes which run the length of the barrel of the boiler and are surrounded by water which is thus heated to produce the steam that is used to propel the engine.
To dream of seeing a boiler out of repair, signifies you will suffer from bad management or disappointment. For a woman to dream that she goes into a cellar to see about a boiler foretells that sickness and losses will surround her.
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A sunken reef; esp., a coral reef on which the sea breaks heavily.
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a sixteen-ounce glass of draft beer plus a shooter of choice
blueE standard language found in contracts. Preprinted material.
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A fowl that's tough and must be boiled to become tender.
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a metal pot for stewing or boiling; usually has a lid
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a device for producing vapor from a liquid
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One who boils.