Definitions for "Sixteen"
Keywords:  fifteen, cardinal, ten, sum, greater
Six and ten; consisting of six and ten; fifteen and one more.
The number greater by a unit than fifteen; the sum of ten and six; sixteen units or objects.
the cardinal number that is the sum of fifteen and one
A symbol representing sixteen units, as 16, or xvi.
16)-bit : The 'bit' size in computer measurement parlance refers to the number of bits that can move through a computer at once - the width of information that can be handled. The wider the path, the more information can pass through at one time. Many TV games operate quite successfully on a 4-bit system, standard home computers are currently 8-bit and the new generation of microcomputers use 16-bit - e.g. the IBM personal and the Radio Shack Model 16. Some computer designs use 16-bit systems in one part of the information path and 8-bit in others. Microprocessors themselves are designed as 8-bit or 16-bit units. At the beginning of 1981 several US corporations announced the development of 32-bit microprocessors and although there are, as yet, no domestic systems or software programs available using this technology, the 32-bit system will produce a microcomputer with power equivalent to some of the mainframe computers. Most music computers are currently using 8-bit technology. [As of now the 8 and 16 bit machines have been superceded