Definitions for "Heater"
Needed to heat the aquarium to the appropriate water temperature. 24 Celsius is the average for many tropical freshwater fish.
A crucial piece of equipment for tropical fish, used to warm the aquarium water. Available as submersible, hanging, in-filter, inline and under gravel coils.
A device that sits in your tank or sump which raises and maintains water temperature.
A good fastball
(baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity; "he swung late on the fastball"; "he showed batters nothing but smoke"
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container or vessel enclosing an arrangement of tubes and a firebox in which an emulsion is heated before further treating, or in which natural gas is heated in the field to prevent the formation of hydrates.
It is an element of a vacuum tube which is able to carry current for the purpose of heating a cathode.
The heater is a CRT component (found in the neck) that is designed to maintain proper cathode temperature (1100-1200 deg. C). I won't go into a ton of theory, but when someone tells you to check to see if you have "neck glow" you are actually checking to see if the heater in the CRT is activated.
One who, or that which, heats. Any contrivance or implement, as a furnace, stove, or other heated body or vessel, etc., used to impart heat to something, or to contain something to be heated.
Connotes a device working by itself to heat a small area (space heater), rather than a heating system, composed of a central source of heat (furnace) and pipes and ducts which heat several spaces.
A pistol or other carryable firearm; as, gunmen with their heaters bulging in their pockets.
The common form of knightly shield introduced from the late 13th century and used commonly all during the 14th century. During the second and third quarter of the century it seems fashionable for knights to carry very small shields, as the examples from existing brassesChronique: The Journal of Chivalry #8.
a vital part in keeping you fish healthy
a vital piece of equipment for sailing in winter in the Pacific Northwest
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a good investment," Morrison said
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The unit that allows for the waterbed to be heated.
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a fireplace with no fire
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Same as a FILAMENT.
an essential commodity for people living in cold regions
A heat source (gas or electric) used to adjust the temperature inside a dwelling from a cold to a warm condition.
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A hard-hit or spiked ball (slang).
a part of a larger thermal system with many variables
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an example of a resistive load
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a component that either uses