Definitions for "Furnace"
Keywords:  combustion, duct, boiler, fuel, heat
An inclosed place in which heat is produced by the combustion of fuel, as for reducing ores or melting metals, for warming a house, for baking pottery, etc.; as, an iron furnace; a hot-air furnace; a glass furnace; a boiler furnace, etc.
A fire placed at the foot of the upcast shaft, the gas laden air from the mine would rise with the heat and create a circulatory ventilation process. Replaced in later years with powerful fans
a stone stack shaped like a pyramid with the top part taken off, where iron ore was smelted into iron
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To throw out, or exhale, as from a furnace; also, to put into a furnace.
(sc) a piece of equipment containing a resistanceheated element and a temperature controller. It is used to maintain a region of constant temperature with a controlled atmosphere for the processing of semiconductor devices.
a device for ing and
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a must in cool/cold weather, even if you only use the noisy (fan) thing for warding off the dampness
Furnace is the first album released by the Industrial music group Download. It was released October 3, 1995. It was one of the first albums released with a lenticular cover.
A place or time of punishment, affiction, or great trial; severe experience or discipline.
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A feather colour from a specially-bred chicken that dark brown-to-black along the center changing to light browns on edge.
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a working machine, it's going to have some vibration to it