Definitions for "Dewar"
A double-walled glass vessel for holding liquid air, liquid nitrogen, etc., having the space between the walls exhausted so as to prevent conduction of heat, and sometimes having the glass silvered to prevent absorption of radiant heat; -- called also, according to the particular shape, Dewar bulb, Dewar tube, etc.
Vacuum flask
Scottish chemist and physicist noted for his work in cryogenics and his invention of the Dewar flask (1842-1923)
Dewar is a lunar crater that lies on the Moon's far side. Less than one crater diameter to the south-southwest is the Stratton crater. Vening Meinesz crater is a little over one crater diameter to the northwest.
Keywords:  mausoleum, jug, honey, stakes, sails
A vessel that sails through time instead of space. A jug for keeping one's honey in. The escrow account that holds the stakes when you bet your ass. A dewar is just like a mausoleum except that you might get out of a dewar some day; however, to date, the track records of the two are equal.