Definitions for "Brewing"
Keywords:  beer, wort, malt, fermented, hops
The act or process of preparing liquors which are brewed, as beer and ale.
Generically, the entire beer-making process, but technically only the part of the process during which the beer wort is cooked in a brew kettle and during which time the hops are added. After brewing the beer is fermented.
the production of malt beverages (as beer or ale) from malt and hops by grinding and boiling them and fermenting the result with yeast
To dream of being in a vast brewing establishment, means unjust persecution by public officials, but you will eventually prove your innocence and will rise far above your persecutors. Brewing in any way in your dreams, denotes anxiety at the outset, but usually ends in profit and satisfaction.
Sindi's Guide to Brewing Suggested order of progress for least cost
Keywords:  squall, storm, dark, thick, clouds
A gathering or forming of a storm or squall, indicated by thick, dark clouds.
Keywords:  pouring, coffee, hot, bed, ground
The process of coffee making. Pouring hot water through a bed of ground coffee
Keywords:  quantity, once
The quantity brewed at once.
Keywords:  mixing, together
A mixing together.