Definitions for "Attenuation"
The process of weakening in intensity; diminution of virulence; as, the attenuation of virus.
A reduction in light strength or electrical signal, usually because of absorption or scattering, is called attenuation. The use of triaxial cables can minimize attenuation.
Loss of a substance as it is deflected, fragmented, or absorbed. For example, solar irradiance attenuates as it passes through the atmosphere to the surface of the earth.
A process used by some bacteria to regulate expression of an amino acid biosynthetic operon in accordance with the levels of the amino acid in the cell.
Regulation of gene expression in bacteria by premature termination of transcription of a biosynthetic operon.
A mechanism of regulating the level of transcription by interfering with mRNA elongation. Slowed translation through a regulatory region allows formation of a RNA secondary structure that promotes transcription termination. Requires coupled transcription and translation and thus is restricted to prokaryotes. Two examples of genes regulated by attenuation include the trp and his operons in E. coli.
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The ability of a yeast strain to ferment the sugars in a wort or must. Attenuation is more important in brewing, where a blend of complex wort dextrins and sugars must be broken down by the yeast during fermentation. Variations in yeast strain attenuations and brewing conditions will affect the dryness and body of the finished beer. See also, Flocculation.
The percent of sugars consumed by yeast during fermentation.
Attenuation is a phenomenon that takes place in the statistical determination of correlation and regression The correlation or regression is reduced because of the imperfect reliability of one or both of the measures being correlated or compared.
Heterogeneity Sequencing Sequester
Hereditary Reliability Heterogeneity
the soil's ability to lessen the amount of, or reduce the severity of groundwater contamination; "during attenuation, the soil holds essential plant nutrients for uptake by agronomic crops, immobilizes metals that might be contained in municipal sewage sludge, or removes bacteria contained in animal or human wastes. 18"
The chemical, physical, and(or) biological processes that restrict the migration of contaminants through geologic media.
In geology, attenuation is the process where a chemical in groundwater adsorbs and desorbs from soil at rate that makes it move slower than the groundwater it is dissolved in.
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Hospice Repressor
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A term used in the context of vaccines; to make an immunogenic but nonpathogenic virus.
The process of changing a virus or bacteria to reduce its disease-causing ability while retaining its ability to bring about a strong immune response in a person's body.
the process of weakening a virus and reducing its harmfulness; accomplished by passing the virus through different animal hosts until it is no longer strong enough to cause infection.
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Audio Audiology
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Infections Reticular
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Audit Auto Ignition Temperature (AIT)
The act or process of making slender, or the state of being slender; emaciation.
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when the shape of the state's territory is long and narrow, such as Chile or Norway
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The act of attenuating; the act of making thin or less dense, or of rarefying, as fluids or gases.
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A gain less that unity.
The fractional part of reduced energy or lost power due to smoothing or filtering.
The use of a sound barrier separating the sound from the receiver. ( 011)
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Attenuation is a problem for certain cells.
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To reduce in force, value, amount of degree.
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See Natural attenuation