Definitions for "Transcript"
That which has been transcribed; a writing or composition consisting of the same words as the original; a written copy.
A copy of any kind; an imitation.
A written version of what was said orally; as, a transcript of a trial.
a complete written copy of the words (dialogue) in the film
a copy of the original gene
a detailed account of an episode's dialogue and action
an artifact separate from the original, just as a talking book or large-print or Braille edition is separate from a printed book
a one-page display of the instructional text presented in a topic
a text version of the audio content
An RNA synthesized from a DNA template.
RNA product of DNA transcription.
a "pre-mRNA" that requires modification before it can be used in translation
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a listing of file system objects, permissions, checksums, and other file system meta information
a list of all JMC-CME accredited programs in which you have participated
a legal document that states the bonafidies of your qualifications
a written summary of your classroom work at MU
written outline of a radio or broadcast about a client.
The written presentation of testimony given at trial or at a deposition.
an overview of your continuing education participation and learning units that you have achieved, including health, safety and welfare units earned
A computer print-out showing modules taken and results achieved, available via the internet.
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a great way to get information to anyone who wasn't able to attend an event
a brief, to-the-point representation contained in a page or two for quick and easy review
An account of the imaginary events of play without reference to any role-playing procedures. A transcript may or may not be a story.
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an array of strings
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See primary transcript.