Definitions for "Plot"
In fiction, the story of a play, novel, romance, or poem, comprising a complication of incidents which are gradually unfolded, sometimes by unexpected means.
Pattern of elements that make up the action line of a story: The situation that brings a story into focus.
the structure of the action of a story. Note: In conventional stories, plot has three main parts: rising action, climax, and falling action leading to a resolution or denouement. to so structure the action of a story. a pattern of related episodes.
A plan or draught of a field, farm, estate, etc., drawn to a scale.
Any scheme, stratagem, secret design, or plan, of a complicated nature, adapted to the accomplishment of some purpose, usually a treacherous and mischievous one; a conspiracy; an intrigue; as, the Rye-house Plot.
A share in such a plot or scheme; a participation in any stratagem or conspiracy.
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( Stat .). An area of ground or any other kind of experimental unit, such as a single tree or part of a tree, a sample of seeds used for a germination test, even an animal or a colony of insects. The essential feature is that the plots for an experiment are units selected to be as alike as possible, but thereafter to receive different treatments. ( BCFT ). See Control plot.
a small area of ground covered by specific vegetation; "a bean plot"; "a cabbage patch"; "a briar patch"
means two or more adjoining graves, crypts, or niches.
To draw or graph a point on a number line or on a coordinate plane.
a graph showing the relationship between variables. The coordinates of each point on the graph represent the values you plot. See also coordinates.
using coordinates to find a place on a graph; to make a secret, usually illegal, plan; to plan of a novel, film, play etc It was easy to plot the course of the financial crisis on the graph. He was ready to plot the assassination in detail but police arrested him. The screenwriter seems to have made no attempt to plot this film coherently. plot (n), plotter (n)
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To make a plot, map, pr plan, of; to mark the position of on a plan; to delineate.
A plan; a purpose.
To apply calculation to a chart
A plantation laid out.
A carefully measured area laid out for experimenta-tion or of mensuration; may be permanent or temporary. Syn. study plot.
a carefully measured area laid out for experimentation or measurement.
a DataContainer of DataCurves
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PLOT is a defunct Danish architectural company. It was led by young architects Bjarke Ingels and Julien de Smedt, both formerly of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). PLOT was founded in Copenhagen in January 2001.
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A small extent of ground; a plat; as, a garden plot.
make a plat of; "Plat the town"
List of preparations and actions required of technical crews during the performance (eg Sound Plot = list of sound cues and levels in running order.) In the US, the term plot refers to a plan. (eg Light Plot = scale plan showing lighting instruments)
Lighting term: the actual brightness settings of each lantern and the LX cues. Also used to describe the process of setting the cues. Can also be used as an alternative for "blocking", i.e. setting the actors in their positions on-stage at an early stage in rehearsal.
The compartment aboard a WWII warship where you found the MK-1A main battery fire-control computer and star-shell computer.
Depending on context, the word plot may be used to mean: plot object. primary base plot and all its plot members. The output resulting from drawing a primary base plot and all its plot members. The output resulting from drawing any arbitrary collection of viewable objects.
make a schematic or technical drawing of that shows how things work or how they are constructed
To use vector graphics: that is, to draw images with many straight lines, rather than dots.
as intended here, a parcel of land marked off or developed for purposes of demonstration and study (e.g., plant succession plot, wildlife food plot, native grasses plot).
A subdivision of a parcel. It is defined as the smallest unit of land on which a specified activity takes place in terms of management.
a "redemptive scenario" for the Middle East
a series of points that move from beginning to end (with, ideally, a middle)
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The all-powerful, (mostly) all-knowing beings who provide interaction for the players. Plot members create plotlines for the players to live out, and can introduce items or NPC's into play.
The “what happens” part of a play.
A graphic God's-eye representation of the current dataset. By default the plot has a black background but this may be altered by the user.
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an area of land.
The land on which a building stands.
The land that your property is built upon. Older property usually has a stand size of between 2000 - 1000 square metres. Recently build properties are usually built on a small plot size.
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a part or whole of a field on which a specific crop or crop mixture is cultivated
a measure of the repeatability of the method and the coefficient of repeatability can be calculated as two standard deviations of M values
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a complication and its resolution
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a steady line of tension from the first page to the last
a diagram of your diamond's inclusions which are located in specific regions in your diamond
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Full sized digital color proof trimmed and folded to simulate the final printed piece.
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see Appendix F
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Scene of an operation
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same as "lot".
a progression from the possible to the probable to the necessary
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a hard concept
A graphic plot of the data points for two variables so that each data point is plotted horizontally according to the value of the dependent variable.
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a way to orgasmize the material