Definitions for "DEM"
digital elevation modell
Acronym for Discrete Element Modeling This is a numerical technique which solves engineering problems that are modeled as a large system of distinct interacting general shaped (deformable or rigid) bodies or particles that are subject to gross motion. Engineering problems that exhibit such large scale discontinuous behavior cannot be solved with a conventional continuum based procedure such as the Finite Element Method.
Digital Elevation Model. Gridded representation of elevation.
Deutsche Mark
Deutsche Enduro Meisterschaft
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Mahdhist camp
The former currency of German. ISO international currency code: DEM and...
The ISO 4217 currency code for Deutschemark.
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direct entry midwife
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.
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the moment
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Australian Democrats
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Discrete Element Methods
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The minutes of declination 30
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the Definite Common
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Dementia/Special Needs
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Demonstration (file name extension)
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Demand line of credit Demand loan