Definitions for "environmental"
of or pertaining to the environment; as, environmental factors.
of or pertaining to the environment (definition 2); as, environmental pollution; environmental disaster; environmental cleanup; environmental deterioration.
1) In a scientific context, a combination of external or extrinsic conditions present in nature. 2) In a planning context, a category of analytical studies of aesthetic values, ecological resources, cultural (historical) resources, sociological and economic conditions, etc.
a company that removes unspent ordnance from American military war zones in Afhganistan and Iraq
a full-service residual management company, and is one of the largest privately-owned company of its kind in the United States
Caused by or related to factors other than genes and chromosomes, such as diet, economic status, family life, or cultural value systems. See genetic.
of or relating to the external conditions or surroundings; "environmental factors"
having to do with the surroundings.
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Bacteria growing in the cows' environment that contact the udder and teats causing infection.
Control - Temperature control in poultry barns.
impact assessment: detailed studies, which predict the effects of a development project on the environment. They also provide plans for the mitigation of the adverse impacts.
assessment: Carrying out an environmental assessment means determining or estimating the value, significance or extent of damage to a particular ecosystem or aspect of it.
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PROTECTION AGENCY(EPA) The federal government office in charge of making sure that our environment is safe to live in.
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Derived from the animal's environment, bedding, housing, etc.
To do with the environment.