Definitions for "ESD"
The process of moving around can generate static electricity. The term electro-static discharge refers to a charged person, or object, discharging static electricity. Although the current associated with such a static charge is low, the electric potential can be in the millions of volts and can severely damage electronic components. CMOS devices are particularly prone to damage from static electricity.
Electro Static Discharge. Build up/release of static electricity that can damage circuits and create failures. Significant problem during movement and processing large glass substrates
Electro Static Discharge. is the release of static electricity when two objects come into contact. If not properly grounded, ESD can cause serious damage to electronic equipment.
Ecologically Sustainable Development. a policy of development that improves the total quality of life, both now and into the future, in a way that maintains the integrity of ecological processes.
Ecologically Sustainable Development. development that improves the total quality of life, both now and in the future, in a way that maintains the ecological processes on which life depends (for the ESD core objectives and guiding principles, see Council of Australian Governments 1992b)
Ecologically Sustainable Development. A pattern of activities which meet the needs of the current generation without prejudicing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
lectro tatic ischarge; concern of electronics assembly First peak mode Tester mode that displays the initial peak of torque regardless of subsequent torque readings
Electronic Software Delivery
Electronic Software Distribution. Electronic Software Distribution is a system for selling software over a network, it provides secure communications that customers use to download and pay for software. They can operate over the internet or on a direct modem to modem connection.
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The Event Summary Data, which consists of sufficient information to re-run (parts of) the reconstruction, such track refitting, jet calibration, etc., as for some kinds of analysis, the information available in the AOD may not be enough. By selecting information from the ESD (or by selecting certain reconstruction algorithms and hence, transparently, the required ESD), rather than going back to the original byte stream, the needed I/O can still be kept to a minimum. For more information, see the AOD/ESD Definition Task Force. See Also AOD, RDO.
esddsp Frame One sample instant of audio. Example: For stereo at 16 bits, one frame is four bytes.
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abbreviation: emergency shut down, an automated platform system to shut in an SCSSV and/or SSV
Emergency Shutdown System
In Oregon, 20 education service districts (ESDs) provide education-related services to school districts in their regions, ranging from special education and bilingual services to libraries and curriculum. ESDs mainly provide services that districts can't afford on their own through a "central purchasing" advantage.
Educational Service District, there are 9 in Washington State ECC - Far End Camera Control controls the camera at the far end site in a point -to-point call provided the system supports it. .320 - ISDN videoconferencing standard
Explanation of Significant Difference
Explanation of Significant Differences
Employment Security Division
ORNL's Environmental Sciences Division
Epidemiology and Surveillance Division
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Employment Security Department. See Food Stamp Employment & Training; WorkFirst Implementation Handbook
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End System Designator. Part of GSE for IPv6.
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end of stream delimiter
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Entrance Skin Dose. Is a measure of the radiation dose absorbed by the skin where the x-ray beam enters the patient.
Equivalent single family dwellings.
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Estimated Shipping Date
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See End System Designator.