Definitions for "Cutout"
Keywords:  tab, shingle, strip, fente, keyway
The open area between shingle tabs. Also known as a "throat".
The open area between the tabs of a strip shingle. Also known as a keyway.
The open portions of a 3-tab shingle between the tabs; also called the "key way".
a switch that interrupts an electric circuit in the event of an overload
a piece of easily melted metal, which when inserted in an electric circuit, melts when the current becomes too great and blows when overloaded by too much demand
the opening of a switching device to de-energize cable or equipment.
A photo where the background has been removed, leaving only the main subject; also called a silhouette.
a photograph from which the background has been cut away
The process of precisely cutting out and removing a damaged windshield.
A corner or edge is cut away from the shade or blind to allow for tile, baseboard, or any minor obstruction.
An area of grating removed to clear an obstruction or to permit pipes, ducts, columns, etc. to pass through the grating.
Procedure where a section of the blind is cutout to allow clearance for obstacles that may be in the way of the blinds.
A mechanism or person that acts as a compartment between the members of an operation but which allows them to pass material or messages securely.
opening intentionally cut in structural members to facilitate continuity of welding seams, criss-crossing structural members to pass through or simply for drainage
Action of engraving tool going completely through substrate and separating into pieces. Most often used for cutting apart multiple jobs that were engraved on one substrate or for cut-out letters (for signage such as ADA). (See step-and-repeat).
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a great mod for cheap horsepower and sound
Keywords:  countertop, sink, hole
A hole in a countertop, usually for a sink.
Keywords:  gobo, shape, specific, outs
a gobo with cut-outs of a specific shape
Keywords:  notch, something, design
A design cut out of something. A notch.
Keywords:  matte, see
(see matte)
A term commonly used by operators to describe a distribution system fuse.
A selected area in a picture that can be edited separately from the rest of the picture.
Keywords:  intended, part
a part that is cut out or is intended to be cut out