Definitions for "OUTS"
Keywords:  deck, win, flush, winner, nine
The cards which will make the hand the player is trying to achieve or drawing to .
Cards that can improve your hand. If you have a 4 cards of a flush draw, then there are 9 other cards left in the deck that can give you the flush (13 out of 52 total) so you have a total of 9 "outs" to complete your hand.
Any cards that will improve a poker hand to probably the best hand.
Keywords:  bodily, vomit, lost, urine, waste
Describes the amount of fluid (vomit, urine, blood) and bodily waste that is lost in a given time period. This is compared to the "ins".
(or Outages) A term used to describe the items ordered by customers which are not available in the warehouse.